EHX Electro Harmonix EU standard Wall Wart EU18DC-500

EHX Electro Harmonix EU standard Wall Wart EU18DC-500
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Brand New, Genuin Original EHX part, Electro Harmonix European standard "Wall Wart" power supply unit, EHX model # EU18DC-500, for the Holier Grail, Flanger Hoax and The POG. We can ship this part along for free ONLY IF you are buying the corresponding pedal that originally came with an USA wall wart from my eBay listings at the same time. If this is the case, we will send you a combined/revised the eBay invoice for the correct shipping cost.  Also please note that we will take out the USA wall wart that originally came with the corresponding pedal, it will not be shipped along because it just adds to the shipping weight. Basically we are swaping out the USA one with this one in order not to add extra shipping cost.  If the pedal you're buying does not come with any USA wall wart originally or if you are buying this by itself, then standard shipping cost will apply (USA shipping $5.50, International shipping cost $15.95), thank you !