Aalberg Audio Effects, TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal

Aalberg Audio Effects, TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal
Aalberg Audio Effects, TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal
Product Code: Aalberg Audio Effects, TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal
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The Aalberg TRYM Tremolo Pedal delivers everything from a hard-hitting square wave to a gentler sine wave shaped tremolo effect, with endless possibilities in between. With the Tap-tempo foot-switch you can change the tremolo speed, and by using stereo mode you can alternate the tremolo effect from left to right providing a spacious and mesmerizing tremolo effect.


As with all Aalberg Audio pedals, the settings for the Aalberg TRYM, including presets and tap-tempo can be easily controlled from the Aalberg AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller (sold separately).


The Aalberg TRYM is powered using a standard 9V power adaptor (not included).


Controls: SPEED, SHAPE, DEPTH, Bypass ON/OFF, FX-Select, Tap-Tempo. 


Parameters: Speed, Shape, and Depth


Use tap tempo to set the speed of the tremolo effect


Multiple signal configurations


Upgrade firmware and sound algorithms by using the Aalberg Update app (iOS only)


Control pedal and get extended functionality using the Aalberg Remote App (Coming soon)




Input: 1MΩ


Output: 1kΩ




IN (mono/stereo)


OUT (mono/stereo)


Power Supply: 9V DC 250 mA


Dimensions (H x L x W):


mm: 55,4 x 141,0 x 89,3


inches: 2,18 x 5,55 x 3,52


Weight: 533 gram (1,18 lb)