VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1

VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1
VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1 VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1 VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1 VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1
Product Code: VOX Lil' Looper Multi Effects Pedal, VLL1
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Lil' Looper 

VOX’s Lil’ Looper allows for effortless and endless looping performances complimented by a full range of effects. Compatible with an array of instruments, the VOX Lil’ Looper is perfect for multi-instrumentalists or those who love to experiment. Additional features like loop quantizing and a built-in metronome ensure your next loop will come right on time.


Intuitive dual pedal design

Record for a total of 90 seconds on two independent loops

Record an infinite number of overdubs; 11 effects

Combining two independent loops with a dozen onboard effects, the VOX Lil’ Looper shares many of the winning features of the VOX Dynamic Looper. The easy-to-use design, solid footswitches, versatile effects, and layering loops are ideal for guitarists who want to break new ground in looped performances or who seeks new expressive power. Lil' Looper offers the additional convenience of being compact, lightweight, and battery operated. A balanced Mic input allows any mic’ed instrument – or even a vocalist – to enjoy the sonic power of the Lil’ Looper right away!

VOX Lil' Looper Specifications


Effects:12 Total


Pedal: Comp, Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion


Modulation: Chorus, Phaser, Mod Delay; Stutter


Simulation: Acoustic, Bass, Radio, Pitch


Maximum recording time: Total of 90 seconds


Number of loops: 2


Audio Input: Phone plug type x 1


Switch: GUITAR (Monaural: Unbalanced) / MIC (Monaural: Balanced)


Audio Output: Line Out (Monaural, 1/4"), Headphone (Stereo, 1/8")


EXTERNAL Control Input: FOOT SW x 1


Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz


Dynamic Range: ≥ 94 dB


Maximum input level: Guitar = +7.0 dBu (typ.), Mic = -34.0 dBu(typ.)


Power supply: AA alkaline battery x 6, (Option) AC Adapter


Battery life: Approximately 7 hours


Current consumption: 175 mA


Dimensions (W x D x H): 165 × 144 × 62 mm / 6.49 x 5.67 x 2.44 inches


Weight: 722 g / 25.47 Oz.


Included items: AA alkaline battery x 6 for verifying operation



Options: VFS2 Foot switch, AC Adapter (DC9V)