Catalinbread Effects Pedal, Merkin

Catalinbread Effects Pedal, Merkin
Catalinbread Effects Pedal, Merkin
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A fuzzy cover-up for your bare pudenda. Look it up


Raw Power. There were many ahead of their time sixties fuzz sounds from Grady Martin on Marty Robbin’s “Don’t Worry” (1961) to the Stooges Raw Power (1973) and many points in between (without Hendrix influence). Part of the problem is not many knew them then, nor really remembers them now… But they existed and are ripe for the picking today. The Merkin Fuzz takes the original Maestro Fuzz-Rite topology to its next level. It doesn’t lose volume for one. The TEXTURE knob range has been expanded like taking a microscope to the skin of the back of your hand… The textural range of detail that you can find using the Merkin’s TEXTURE knob is so incredible that other companies would have put 30 switches on it to achieve the same thing...