Danelectro DE-1, Dan-Echo Delay

Danelectro DE-1, Dan-Echo Delay
Danelectro DE-1, Dan-Echo Delay
Product Code: Danelectro DE-1, Dan-Echo Delay
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Danelectro DE-1, Dan-Echo Delay, Authorized Dealer, Full Factory Warranty!

Enjoy warm waves of your strum reverberate around the room, long after your chord is played with the DanEcho. This Danelectro echo pedal gives you a vintage-style echo effect, while at the same time gives a sharp digital sound to your strings. The DE1 can degenerate high frequencies with each repetition, lending your music a muted feel. With 4 knobs, a wet/dry knob for the signal effect, a speed knob, a repeat knob, and a Hi-Cut knob, this Danelectro echo pedal is the easiest baby to handle. The DE1 flaunts a switch, used for flipping between high and low delays. Give any genre of music the perfect delay with the DanEcho.