RockTron Short Timer Retro Delay Pedal

RockTron Short Timer Retro Delay Pedal
RockTron Short Timer Retro Delay Pedal
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Who would have thought that one day they would call a delay pedal: "retro"? 'Twas only a short time ago, the digital delay was considered the greatest effect invention a guitarist could get his hands on. Like everything else in "excess-laden" America, delays had to be longer and longer. To that, Rocktron says, "nuts." What if the player just wants to add some short, sweet, quick slapback-style delays to his sound? You remember slapbacks, don't you? They ruled the 50's and 60's sound - think Rockabilly and Hot Rod and Surf music. Well, going out on a limb here, Rocktron introduces the Short Timer Retro digital delay. And some of you are going to think this is cool!


With two modes of delay, called (and Rocktron made this up), "Short" and "Shorter" to provide a wide range of quick delays that are still the most widely used delay times even in modern music, the Short Timer will NOT stand up to those long delays for length. But then, they don't want it to. Some like it short and sweet.


The Level control on the Short Timer adjusts the overall volume of the delay effect. The Regeneration control adjusts the number of repetitions of delay effect. The Time control adjusts the length of delay and is used in conjunction with the Short/Shorter Switch. When the switch is out, (or in the Short position), the delay time in milliseconds is set between 200ms and 400ms. When the switch is in, (or in the Shorter position), the delay time in milliseconds is set between 0ms and 200ms. The actual delay time is then adjusted using the previously mentioned Time control.


Digital delay pedals usually sound better when placed after distortion. Thus, if you are using a distortion pedal, place the Short Timer after the distortion pedal in the signal chain. If you are using your amplifier's distortion, try putting the Short Timer in the effects loop section of the amplifier, (following the instructions in your amp manual when using the effects loop).


For distorted rhythm playing, set the Short Timer delay to "Shorter" and the delay level and regeneration levels low. For distorted lead playing, set the delay to "Short" and bump up the delay level and the regeneration level to your taste. For chicken-pickin type delay, set the delay level to "Shorter" and bump up the delay level and regeneration level slightly.


The Short Timer is built into Rocktron's super tough road worthy extruded aluminum chassis. This pedal is equipped with a super bright blue LED so you will know when the pedal is on. The easy access battery compartment will make changing batteries during a gig a breeze.