TSVG hand built Effects Pedal, Slow Ride

TSVG hand built Effects Pedal, Slow Ride
TSVG hand built Effects Pedal, Slow Ride
Product Code: TSVG hand built Effects Pedal, Slow Ride
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The Slow Ride is designed for endless sustain and gritty yet articulate over driven tones.  Roll back the attack and let your amp naturally overdrive.  Turn it up and let it scream..  The toggle switch acts as a high end filter.  The down position will allow your full signal to pass, but the up position cuts most of the bass response.   This true bypass effect features AC 128 germanium transistors and Mullard “Tropical Fish” caps throughout.  The Slow Ride is built by hand in Philadelphia, PA with hand-picked and matched components.

TSVG believe every circuit is a work of art, that is why they take the time to build all their pedals the old-fashioned way; point-to-point. They combine modern circuit designs with hand selected components in order to let their designs reach their full tone potential. The components they use are all the same that you would find in your favorite vintage pedals and tube amps, and to ensure that your pedal lasts longer than you do, they keep all our leads under cloth.

TSVG Pedals are built by hand in Philadelphia, PA using top quality components including NOS capacitors, IRC resistors, Switchcraft jacks, Alpha pots, cloth-covered wire, and more. All TSVG pedals are true bypass and wired point-to-point – we never build on a circuit board.

All TSVG pedals are powered by a nine volt (9V) jack.