TSVG Effects Pedal, Keystone Fuzz

TSVG Effects Pedal, Keystone Fuzz
TSVG Effects Pedal, Keystone Fuzz
Product Code: TSVG Effects Pedal, Keystone Fuzz
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The TSVG Keystone Fuzz is inspired by the Dallas Arbiter fuzz face used in the 60's and 70's. This TSVG pedal features two hand selected AC128 germanium transistors that are matched to produce a smooth warm fuzz tone. Try backing off the volume knob on your guitar and listen to how the pedal colors your tone. Two controls knobs, volume and fuzz, let you explore and dial in the germanium fuzz sounds that launched a revolution in guitar tone. The Keystone Fuzz is built by hand in Philadelphia, PA with hand-picked and matched components.

TSVG pedals are built by hand in Philadelphia, PA using top quality components including NOS capacitors, IRC resistors, Switchcraft jacks, Alpha pots, cloth-covered wire, and more. All TSVG pedals are true bypass and wired point-to-point – we never build on a circuit board.

All TSVG pedals are powered by a nine volt (9V) jack.